Psyren call.


Harlo’s body shivered at the sudden combat. It was so out of her realm. This level of powers, was this really the same power as hers? She adjusted her body to see a clear picture of the field, without being much likely to receive incoming attacks. She began to wonder, would they just be waiting this out? At this point the others were….

The men were freaking out, some finding places to hide, more so on the ground. Others shouting reckless things like. “We need to get out of here!” The woman around Harlo’s age, also seemed to lose her composure a bit, much out of surprise. Even so it wasn’t much, she seemed in the same boat as Harlo. Just slightly more without someone to lean on. They exchanged glances momentarily, maybe even small smiles, before focusing in back to the battle. The incredible power of Typhoon was fearsome. To take on so many of those creatures at once. It felt strange that such a fearsome creature made Harlo feel safe in this state of war, but how could she worry when that thing was on her side? A sparkle was always seen in her eyes in the heat of battle, even if it was a bitter feeling that she could not participate. 

I close my eyes, letting Eagle direct my movements. From the strange birds eye view that is my new perception, I see one of the Tavoo turn around and fire its crossbow at point blank range at another Tavoo right behind it. Elmore’s mind jacks seem to be working well, as a few more Tavoo fall under his control and begin attacking each other. Flinging my storm wrapped arms into the air, I bring them down hard to the ground, the impact and the winds hurling even more Tavoo into the air. As Eagle circles back towards the main group, I’m blinded for a split second as my perception returns to normal, and when I open my eyes I’m forced to fling myself to the ground as a crossbow bolt speeds towards me.

A thundering boom resounds through the battle field, and I spot the smoky remains of a giant Tavoo crashing to the ground, victim of Typhon’s first lightning blast. A localized lightning storm ensues, and many of the Tavoo are downed, and the others are being quite a bit more careful as they begin circling around. Glancing back for a second I make sure that Elmore and Harlo are doing well. Elmore nods once, so I suppose nothing too horrible has happened, unless you ask the cannon-fodder, some of which appear to have wet their pants.